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 National Tsing Hua University   Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Artificial Intelligence   


Continuously inspired by the advance of brain science, the Biomed AI PhD program in NTHU provides our students with a solid learning experience on existing machine learning framework, rule-based predictors and unmet biomedical needs. Dual advisors teamed up from EE/CS, Statistics, Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Medicinal Chemistry and Neuroinformatics to co-advise our trainees in an interactive teaching and research environment where our students are facilitated to understand the insufficiency of current AI and develop not only AI- or rule-based diagnosis from the Omics data, rule-based therapeutic suggestions, drug repurposing and delivery systems, voice/image recognition and response modules, but also automated model selection and refinement software (given labels and training data), empathy-aware robots, personalized heath advisor and educator. These morality-infused and error-proof AI design should be of, by and for the people. with an aim to apply the "trained" biomedical intelligence beyond the country borders to benefit mankind from improving individual health. 

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